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  • Vibratory Finishing
  • Abrasive Air Blasting
  • Rust Removal
  • In-Line Machines
  • Burnishing
  • Parts Washing
  • Packing
American Metal Finishing

American Metal Finishing

American Metal Finishing
Why Vibratory Finishing?

Our process can improve the quality of your parts and make them safer to handle. Vibratory finishing machines have become the standard for deburring applications, slowly replacing the not-as-gentle tumbling machines that parts finishers previously relied on.

Vibratory Finisher
Processing Media

Chemicals that burnish, clean and derust parts. Steel ball burnishing to give a shiny polished effect, various ceramic media to produce fast cutting burr removal, light deburring, various matte finishes and polishing.

Parts Drying

Heat drying machines used as a rust preventative. Cob drying machines to aid in burr removal, polishing and rust prevention.

Parts Drying

Various liquid and dry compounds to aid in degreasing, rust removal, cleaning and rust prevention.

Rust Removal
Quality Policy

American Metal Finishing is committed to providing superior service by using today's innovations to produce the highest quality product in a safe and efficient environment. American Metal Finishing requirers and implements continuous improvement efforts to ensure customer satisfaction.

Facts And History

American Metal Finishing opened its doors in 2004. This is our largest location at 35,000 square feet, with plenty of room to expand.

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