Our Clients Count on Us for Great Work

I had a rush order on a mission critical piece for a manufacturer. I had worked with Toledo Metal Finishing before, so I went to them for this job too. Their service was excellent, and they put my mind at ease with their turnaround timeā€¦ I got the parts I needed, and my client was super happy. 5 stars -Todd J.

The Deburring Company Proudly Serves SE Michigan with Superior Deburring Services and Fast Turnaround Times

Get an incredibly smooth finish on all of your manufactured parts with services from The Deburring Company. We offer vibratory finishing, burnishing, air blasting, and parts washing to ensure your pieces are high-quality and impressive to your customers. 

No matter your needs, our services will exceed your expectations. We can fulfill orders of any size and offer fast turnaround times to expedite your manufacturing process to get parts to your customers more efficiently. The Deburring Company also guarantees your satisfaction with any order, so you can be confident that our services are high-quality and will produce parts that reflect that. 

Services Include:

Vibratory Finishing

We have multiple Vibratory Finishing Machines ranging from 1 cubic foot up to 60 cubic feet to serve a variety of lot and part sizes. Our attention to detail and superior service shines through in every order we handle.

Air Blasting

We provide a full range of air blasting options, including blast pots, blast cabinets, and blast rooms. In addition, we can service your order with shot peening, wet blasting, micro blasting, and many other options.


We offer wet and dry processes, ball burnishing, treated corncob, walnut shell, and more. Essential burnishing systems to give your products a superior finish to 2 Ra or better.

Cleaning & Washing

Our precision cleaning and washing equipment include conveyors, dryers, solvent recovery systems, chemical waste disposal and recycling systems for residual-free parts and pieces.