Local Metal Finishing in Livonia, MI and Toledo, OH

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Where it All Started

Our current group of companies began as a single, small shop in Chelsea, Michigan. Thanks to steady growth, we have expanded and relocated several times since 1975. Throughout the years, we have used our experience to maximize the efficiency of our processes.  Still, we have been ready and willing to expand to meet the needs of our customers, develop new business, and grow with the demands of the southeastern Michigan automotive and manufacturing market.

Robert Van Schoick opened his first location in the Ann Arbor area in 1975. The majority of The Deburring Company's business was located around Metro Detroit. In 1988 we moved to Livonia, where we now sit on Newburgh Road.

Van Schoick purchased Toledo Metal Finishing in 1991 to provide metal finishing services to manufacturers in northern Ohio. There was a tremendous amount of experience at TMF as the former owner had been in business for over 30 years. In 1998, they moved to their current 16,000 square foot building in Northwood, Ohio.

Where We Are Today

With the Livonia location continuing to grow, its customer base was beginning to dictate the addition of another shop on the eastside of Detroit. A suitable building was located in Sterling Heights, and in 2004 American Metal Finishing opened its doors. This is our largest location at 35,000 square feet, with plenty of room to expand.

Our current management team has over 50 years of combined experience in the deburring industry. You can feel comfortable knowing that we have the background to service all of your deburring needs.

The Difference Our Process and Facilities Make…

Based on feedback from customers, Mr. Van Schoick began organizing a Quality Management System to become ISO certified in 1996. A quality manager was assigned to each location to facilitate the initial start-up and maintenance of the programs, and Toledo Metal Finishing and The Deburring Company were awarded ISO certification in 2003. Accreditation has been maintained since we were first certified, and we continue to employ full-time quality managers to maintain the programs.